Carolyn, Daniel, and Margie are the owners of Prindel Creek Farm, and have final word about anything PCF. They currently host three tenants: Peacock, Danny, and Fuller Family, myself included.

As a tenant, I don't speak on behalf of Prindel Creek Farm, or in any way represent them. Farm policies, questions about events, etc, all need to be addressed to Carolyn, Daniel, or Margie. I am only sharing my views as a tenant, because understanding the structure of the Prindel Creek Farm is an important consideration when contemplating the location of InDidjInUs.

Uniting InDidjInUs with PCF not only found InDidjInUs a new home, but also gave PCF a direction to pursue, since it was no longer a reforestation nursery. The union of InDidjInUs and PCF kickstarted PCF into becoming an event venue, and PCF and tenants invested our energy and resources into developing that reality, thereby improving the faciliies available for InDidjInUs, and thereby providing PCF opportunity to host other events on other weekends.

We all had our own dreams on what the venue could manifest: I invested in a winch and trailer that could tow vehicles to town (there usually were a couple that drove in, but couldn't drive out); Prindel Creek Farm invested in improving their infrastructure, investing in the stage, expanding the electrical grid to include the stage, the covered outdoor kitchen, and the covered outdoor shower, ugrades to water treatment, and countless other investments you are best asking them about; Danny mowed and tended the fields throughout the year; helped with the bridges, and was a helpful hand on nearly every farm project; Peacock started a production company, Familybird Presents, and he donated immeasureable hours, days, weeks, and months of his life, clearing trails, and building the stages and outdoor pavilion, and countless other improvements.

There is no questioned, that we were all disheartened when the State overruled the County's ruling, and limited Prindel Creek Farm to only 1 event every 90 days. But as far as I know (and I live here), it has always been the unanimous consensus of everyone here that InDijInUs would be that 1 event. I think we all feel a loyalty to the event that kickstarted the PCF venue, and feel honored to host such a creative and evolving community.

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.