Why Relocate?

Relocation is not a bad idea. It is a way to facilitate changes in policies that handle the growth factor. As far as this year is concerned, it seems money has already been spent... new facilities already chosen: no choice is given. It would have felt better if news of relocation meeting was blaring on all channels, with enought time allowed for the messenger pigeons to arrive; it would have felt more like consensus... As it stands, the relocation came as a shock, as I'm sure many feel.

Although relocation can seem like a solution to some of the problems related to the growth factor, history does have a habit of repeating itself, and I, as an individual, would prefer to face something and solve it rather than start over somewhere else; PCF as a facility has so much to offer our community; that the issues that prompted relocation have to be faced and solved. I have heard rumors of a fork: the corporate model relocates to it's new resort location, and the original spirit of indidjinus continues on wherever it can find. Should I be there today, I would second such a motion, or propose one in the first place; and further suggest that we ask PCF it could continue to be the location. The good thing about a fork, is that naming things can be lots of fun; should the original fork retain the name Indidjinus, and the new fork get a new name? Or the other way around? I was thinking we could name the new fork IndidjInc., but this is only a suggestion.

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.