The Kitchen

Breaking bread together bonds families and friends. Our community empowered volunteer veggie kitchen somehow feeding all of us around the clock makes people cry (because of how beautiful it is, not because of the food ;) I remember just being awed by the dedication of kitchen staff, the year we had baker as well (trying out the new oven ;), witnessing volunteers working around the clock is inspirational, humbling, and generally sends you to the washing station to put in your time.

The Kitchen fills us with gratitude. Thank you everyone who has ever donated produce or elbow grease to the kitchen.

Managing the kitchen is all about logistics made tricky by the growth factor. Feeding everyone is such a crucial role, that kitchen coordinators have to do enough preplanning and presupplying to make it work out. I volunteered to coordinate a fruit salad for a breakfast one year: I brought 50 times more ingredients than I would have used for my family of 4, and figured it would feed 200+ folks at breakfast; it did! I suggest divying out dishes to different volunteers would be a great way to make it all flow, and give all the folks who want and love contributing to the kitchen, a way to.

I personally never agreed with the decision to make the kitchen coordinator a paid position, despite it's importance; I thought this was unfair to all the other people who donated their skilled services. I also thought that the gift of sharing a meal was part of the magic of the kitchen, and there were enough folks who want to contribute, that there wasn't a need for a salaried coordinator.

I suggest we dedicate a garden to the kitchen...

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.