So what has happened? How did we derail so quickly and all find ourselves shocked, stupefied, dumfounded, and flabbergasted at some decision to move InDidjInUs to a new location? Whoa: how did that happen? What's the nature of this dispute? What can we do about it? As far as I can tell, one of the central rifts is over how we feel about growth.

Can we create the right kind of growth, such that the tribe is enriched and not drained?

My own family's assimilation into didj tribe was a factor of growth: I shared didj at some event; someone heard my performance, and told me about Indijinus. I brought my family and made life long friends; Indijinus is an opportunity to make music together, and I look forward to this all year long (you know who you are :) I'm sure we are not the only ones who followed this pattern of growth: playing didjeridoo, being heard, and then being referred to indidjinus; let's call this natural growth.

I think such natural growth should be expected. I would not want to endorse a policy on growth that wouldn't have allowed me to discover InDidJinUs in the first place; but I do believe we need to reach consensus on a protocol to handle natural growth.

Another kind of growth, that I would contrast with natural growth, is unwanted growth. Unwanted growth is an increase in individuals who don't get the honor and respect that go into the magic of IndidjInUs; such as people who bring dogs, drugs, and booze, to a gathering that clearly prohibits them. We need to reach a consensus on a protocol that prevents unwanted growth.

Indijinus left Scio in the first place because of growth: thus these early days, of which I only shared in the last one, had fewer in numbers gathered, providing a tight cozy intimate didj family environment, where you could let even your toddlers run around safely... pockets of music coming out of every campsite... never any need for security, or mental health professionals, or anything like that, because evolved gatherers don't put that kind of burden on one another. Our sacred magical musical soul had opportunities to manifest itself there without distraction.

During the growth that naturally occurred at the larger facility offered by Prindel Creek farm, we lost some of this tight sacred energy. I have seen it dwindling through the years at PCF. Each subsequent year would have one less face of an old soul who used to come. Favorite faces not back the next year: why? I think they stopped coming because the factors accommodating both natural and unwanted growth were discouraging to preserving our core tribal intimacy.

I belive that we have enough talent and indidjinuity to overcome these factors.

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.