At one of the meetings, the one where Chad declared that he was handing over the reins of Indidjinus to Indidjinus, the participants of that meeting divided themselves into task-related groups, and elected heads of each group; they decided that the assembled heads of each group would be called The Elvis.

I'm not sure if the Elvis worked or not. Unfortunately, my family could not attend the past gathering, and so we were unable to experience first hand the results of the last Elvis organized gathering, and the stories we have been told are concerning.

I guess this new organization is not the Elvis any more, so let me be the first to say The King is Dead.

But for any folks wanting to continue in the old ways, I wanted to propose that Elvis be an app. Something that the geeks of ourselves create for ourselves; I think we can make an app that helps with each task-related group's logistics, and an app to help make decisions amongst ourselves, without the need of electing heads, or having direct meetings... If everyone checked withing a timeframe, and gave their input, then app can get consensus without everyone's schedule having to align.

I suggest that we have, within our community, all the tools and talent for making a gathering flow to everyone's satisfaction, in the old ways, without admission, on a sliding-scale donation / volunteer co-created basis; that's the heart of it; I haven't had a change of heart.

The downloadable Elvis.app could take the politics out of managing ourselves so we could all have more time to play Didj!

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.