I understand the math of it: charge a fee; money to compensate our expenses is thus guaranteed, plus this thwarts the freeloaders and trenchermen. However, it destroys part of the original soul and awe inspiring power of the sliding-scale donation / volunteer event. Charging admission makes Indidjinus seem more corporate.

The corporate model of Indidjinus does seem safer. Non-profit... have a board, some articles of incorporation, annual meetings; record the minutes; the financing of the cost of Indidjinus is more secured.

However, sometimes folks want to do some kind of crazy random act of beauty. There are some who donate beyond the call of duty, and then some... some who voluneteer more and then some... some who want to express their passion and committment beyond the value of an admission charge.

When folks pay admission, they expect something. Perhaps they will expect to be entertained. Will they want a refund if they're not?

The sliding-scale donation / volunteer model, has more potential, imho, because it helps people feel the need to participate; it helps us co-create Indidjinus from all out talents; it allows for miraculous acts of kindness, while also allowing for musical energy to mix despite economic origins.

The dollar doesn't scale humanely accross borders, and I love Indidjinus as an international event, as we've had visitors from too many countries to list. Having the volunteer option keeps Indidjinus acessible to all who cherish Didjeridoo.

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.