Today is Mar. 5th: the big meeting. I don't want to be left out just because I'm sick. Please accept my humble input:

I want to remind us of what unity we have, despite disagreements, and that within this spirit of solidarity we can resolve our issues.

I started to post on, but even after my reflections were organized and concise, they were still too lengthy for a blog; hence I've posted here, so I can use html to present them, organized and concise. You can navigate through my thoughts.

I'm going to describe the magic of Indijinus, because it's one of our unifying factors: I'm not the first one to describe it as magical. We are unified in our love of it and each other, which is why all look forward to it through the entire year, scheduling our lives so we couldn't miss it for the world.

I'm also going to describre Prindel Creek Farm, from the perspective of one of its tenants, the one who introduced Indijinus to Prindel Creek Farm so many years ago.

Then I examine the main devisive issues and the proposed solution. I also suggest some solutions for further consideration. Peace.

Published 05 MAR 2016
by Everett Fuller.